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Call 402-702-6001 now if you are in Omaha NE and need broken garage springs replacement service. Yankee Garage Doors replaces all garage springs for all makes and models of garage doors in the local area. If you are experiencing issues with your garage door and think it’s because of the garage springs, do not hesitate to give Yankee Garage Doors a call today. Our technicians are on standby ready to solve your garage door issue.

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One of the most essential steps that you need to remember when it comes to broken garage springs replacement is concerned is more about turning off garage door power. This is just to assure that you’ll not be electrocuted while replacing the springs. You also need to assure that you’ve disconnected the power cord of the door opener of your garage door. For newer version of garage doors, you need to remove its fuse or just turn off circuit breaks. This is one way of preventing unexpected accidents to happen.

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Observe the Broken and New Garage Door Springs

After turning off the power of garage door, you need to take closer attention to the broken garage springs and the new one that you’re going to replace. Be sure that you’re going to make use of the same model of garage springs with same kind and dimension. As you choose garage springs prevent grabbing them because of their spring quality. You need to take into consideration its dimension and brand to assure that this is completely suited for your garage door.

Wind Unbroken Garage Springs Off At the Same Time Unfasten Its Bolts

As soon as you’ve already chosen similar type of garage springs, the next thing you need to do is to wind unbroken garage springs off while securing spring bracket and torsion cones by means of unfastening its bolts. Once you are already through with this step, you may now replace the spring along with the re-installation of the best hardware suited for your garage.

When you’re done, the next thing you need to do is to wind your newest garage springs. Right after that, you need to make sure that the garage door is balance at its appropriate level. To reduce garage door friction, you may just apply some amount of lubricants.