Professional Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

Yankee Garage Doors offers professional installation and repair service for all properties & garage doors. We are located in Omaha, NE and have branches in other cities as well. If you need garage door repair service in the local area, do not hesitate to call Yankee Garage Doors today.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Professional Garage Door Repair

Professional Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door acting up in the Omaha NE area? We offer professional garage door repair service in the local vicinity. Call 402-702-6001 now if you are having problems with your garage door and need to hire a repair service. Our staff is trained to handle all garage door issues promptly and efficiently.

Garage Door Repair

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Have your garage springs failed? We have a team on standby 24/7 ready to fix your garage springs today. Whether it is the middle of the night and you need to have an emergency repair service done, or if you just need a quick repair during the day, we've got you covered.

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Professional Garage Door Repair Omaha NE

Yankee Garage Doors: 402-702-6001

Welcome to Yankee Garage Doors. We are providers of garage door repair service in the Omaha NE area. If you are in Omaha and need a garage door repair company, do not hesitate to give Yankee Garage Doors a call. Our operators are on standby ready to take your call and help get the ball rolling on your garage door repair.

We provide the following services:

We Fix All Garage Doors

We Fix All Garage Doors!

Having a problem with your garage door? We can fix that. Our technicians are trained to handle any garage door issue that could possibly happen. Oftentimes the responder is equipped with the proper parts to complete the repair on-the-fly, so you can have a working garage door quickly and efficiently.

Garage Door Problems that Need Professional Repair

Garage door repair is something everyone needs to deal with in the future. Knowing the common issues you might face could make it simpler to explain the problem to the service technician once he or she arrives. Also, it could assist you know what the technician is doing to address the problem.

You Push the Button, but It Doesn’t Close

Contemporary garage door openers have fitted sensors which feel the resistance on the hatch. When there’s a damage or broken hinge or spring, then mechanics will not attempt to pull the chain. In most cases, the garage door opener is the issue. Just a qualified technician could determine the problem.

The Garage Door is running, but Nothing Happens

Garage door openers wear out in due course and the mechanisms is normally the first thing to go. Once these gears are uncovered or stripped, they can’t move the chain that raises and lowers the hatch. In most instances, you can replace the gears.

Professional Garage Door Repair Service in Omaha NE by Yankee Garage Doors

Garage Door Panel Replacement

You might find some service technicians who are willing to repair your one piece garage door. But because these are old or outdated systems, they are not safe. While yours might seem to be in decent working condition, you must need it replaced with a newer and safer model.

Hatch Opens Awkwardly and Makes Noise

Loud or noisy garage doors are a popular or common issue. A garage door repair service technician will replace the garage door rollers so as to address the issue. A lot of companies utilize plastic rollers which wear out. When needing them replaced, you must ask for low resistance rollers. This works smoother as well as lower maintenance than typical options.

We Offer Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Old Garage Door Opener and Want It Replaced

When your garage door opener isn’t working well, you might think if it needs to be fixed. Your garage door repair tech will be capable of looking at your equipment and make a purpose about whether they have the components required to address the issue without replacing the whole unit. But, when it comes to safety when your old unit doesn’t have a safety beam, you have to replace it for a newer system.